Welcome to mobhaus

A contemporary, in terms of concept and philosophy, space emerged in the within-the-walls part of Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus, in 2007.
Mobhaus Design Store is more like an interactive project of exchanging ideas and solutions than a common furniture store. It is where ‘good design’ meets functionality and aesthetics through a wide and unique collection of furniture , lighting and kitchen solutions.
Mobhaus Design Store represents a wide range of brands noted for the way they combine aesthetics, originality and functionality.
Through is variety of products Mobhaus Design Store can create a strong, contemporary urban living and lifestyle concept and can cover specific needs of the retail and contract market in Cyprus, Europe and the Middle East, offering complete and comprehensive solutions for houses, hotels, bars, restaurants, offices, etc.
A special team of professional designers are ready to offer quality services to clients who are looking for a different way of living.